Here’s a short video on memory or why this blog is unforgettable lol.

And how amazing is all this?

neuronsEach individual neuron can form thousands of links with other neurons in this way, giving a typical brain well over 100 trillion synapses (up to 1,000 trillion, by some estimates). Functionally related neurons connect to each other to form neural networks (also known as neural nets or assemblies).

“Deep Mind” has a way to go I think though the Singularity has even further. However AI is very exciting, be interesting to visit Bill Gates new proposed city.


This blog is aimed at all of us who have a little trouble remembering things not so long ago vs the distant past of forty years gone by. It is also an encouragement to blog, everyone should have one!!!

So go to Start a Blog to find out how. You can listen to Dean first if you like, I can remember having it, it was released in 1948 I was born the following year.

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