Start A Blog

Start A Blog

This has never been easier and it’s a fantastic way to preserve your memories and increase your digital literacy thereby fighting off those nasty plaque brain cells. Not only a repository for your memories but also your voice on the Internet. Everyone should have an address on the Internet. You can get a free one or pay €45 a year for your very own dot com etc. Need a hand? Go to

and watch tutorials, there is one for setting up your own domain.

Or if you are feeling lazy (not a bad thing) watch the video of the presentation. Watch full screen.

Digital Literacy

Follow the link to find out more about digital literacy. It’s an important topic and worth a read.

Blogging is Level 2

As to blogging, well it’s easy to set up and you have complete freedom as to content with text, video, and images. It can be a great way of finding like-minded individuals; you can even build up a following or at least have a mini-network of your family as followers. It’s fun having a blog – you are contributing! And if you need your hand holding contact me on my main site we can even set up a video call.