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By the way, this is all meant to be fun so kick off your shoes and r e l a x. This site is one of many all serving different purposes but all creative in their own way. I love registering domains (If an address on the Internet is a single home I have at least a village lol). As I have said elsewhere the Internet is my canvas and each domain a portrait on it. So don’t be overwhelmed by the 30 or so gTLDs  (global Top Level Domains) I  currently run.

Yes, you could spend the day with me :).

My first degree is an honours science degree in Psychology and mental health is something I take great interest in. Digital literacy is another of my concerns and the two are becoming more and more intertwined. During my Masters, I trained in Counselling.  I can easily see blogging as having a therapeutic aspect, it’s certainly good for the memory and helps fight those wicked plaque brain cells. Bit of mental exercise every day is a must.

All external links open a new tab to make it more difficult for you to get away 😉

So get blogging!


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